Deep Residential HOUSE Cleaning Services

Deep house cleaning involves completing specific house cleaning tasks that are, generally speaking, not included in recurring maintenance house cleaning services.

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Deep House Cleaning Services

Deep residential house cleaning involves completing specific house cleaning tasks that are generally not included in recurring maintenance house cleaning services.

This specialized house cleaning service focuses on surfaces that require attention less frequently but are still crucial to clean occasionally. This helps to prevent soil buildup, protect surfaces and ensure a comfortable, hygienic living space which positively affects our Customers’ physical and mental health.

Just a  few of the tasks included in deep house cleaning that are not generally included in  maintenance house cleaning are:

  • Interior windows & doors cleaned
  • Trims cleaned (baseboard, window & door trim)

Typically, Customers schedule deep house cleaning semi-annually or annually, based on our availability. Our Professional House Cleaners open up deep house cleaning slots for their Customers twice per year, in the spring and again before the Christmas holidays. Additionally, most Providers offer a  monthly deep house cleaning slot too for new or one-time customers.

Deep House Cleaning CHECKLIST

The house cleaning tasks included in deep residential house cleaning subjectively varies so Motivated House Cleaners uses a deep house cleaning checklist that serves two primary purposes. First, they outline the exact tasks to be completed in each room type, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom and common areas to minimize the chance of missed tasks. As well, hey act as a formal work order, outlining the agreed-upon deep house cleaning tasks, eliminating ambiguity and setting precise expectations for both parties.

The tasks listed below will be performed in all areas of the home which includes the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and the remaining rooms/areas, which are referred to as common areas.

  • Dust accessible & safely reachable surface areas dusted
  • Floors vacuumed/washed including accessible areas under furniture
  • Horizontal & vertical hard furniture surfaces wiped clean (includes bannisters & spindles)
  • Horizontal & vertical upholstered furniture surfaces vacuumed
  • Empty + clean exterior/interior of trash receptacles + disinfect interiors
  • Light switch & power point plates cleaned
  • Cushions & pillows straitened + fluffed
  • Mirrors cleaned + buffed
  • Accessible & safely reachable interior windows & interior doors cleaned
  • Accessible & safely reachable trims cleaned (baseboard, window & door trim)
  • Toilets cleaned + buffed + bowls disinfected
  • Tubs & showers cleaned + buffed
  • Cabinet exteriors cleaned + handles buffed
  • Sinks cleaned + buffed
  • Counters & backsplashes cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned + buffed
  • Hardware cleaned + buffed (towel bars, rings & hooks + toilet paper holder) + towels neatly hung
  • Accessories cleaned (soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, rinse cup, etc.)
  • Cabinet exteriors cleaned + handles buffed
  • Sink cleaned + buffed & counter/backsplash cleaned
  • Major & small appliance exteriors cleaned + buffed (includes microwave interior)
  • Ceramic cooktop cleaned + buffed
  • Dishes loaded into empty dishwasher

*Refrigerator & oven interiors can be added on upon request

  • Linens changed & beds made

While our services are standardized, we can consider slight modifications. Please reach out if you wish to omit or add a task from another checklist or have any other special requests.

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