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Motivated House Cleaners house cleaning services are subject to the following Terms & Conditions which are designed to ensure a smooth & enjoyable experience for Customers, our Professional House Cleaners & our Company.

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Motivated House Cleaners tERMS OF sERVICE

Scope of Work

Our Professional House Cleaners (PHCs) are not permitted to perform any tasks outside of what has been assigned to them from us. If you wish to have a service added on or if you wish to alter your service tasks please contact us directly and if it is something we are able to do we’ll notify the cleaning pro through ‘in app’ communication and add it to the work order for your booking so we can ensure that your instructions are in writing for the PHC to follow.

Payment Policy

We are unable to perform a clean without a credit card on file and a hold for the estimated amount placed on the card.

We will put a hold on the provided credit card for the estimated amount of the clean 48 hours before the clean or immediately upon booking if less than 48 hours before the booking start time.

If there is not enough balance on the card to cover the estimated amount our system will notify us and we will notify you via email. Upon email notification the Customer is responsible to login to their Customer Dashboard on our website and update their credit card info so that the hold can be placed or notify us that the cards balance has been updated so the hold can be processed.

After the clean we will tabulate the hours logged from the time the Cleaning pro gets to the property and begins unloading their equipment until the time the PHC reloads their equipment in their vehicle.

Every three hours the cleaning pro will take a 15-minute break. The GPS timer will continue to run and this is considered a part of the billable clean time. If the PHC chooses to take a meal break of more than 15 minutes then the GPS timer will be paused and this meal break time will not be treated as billable clean time.

By completing your booking you have agreed to accept our Terms of Service and authorize Motivated Brands Inc. to charge the credit card provided for the booking and/or any associated cancellation, lock-out, overage, declined card or add-on service fees.

Tipping Policy

Our Professional House Cleaners are permitted to accept tips.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a booking without adequate notice can result in a slot that would have been sold going unsold, a loss of income to the scheduled PHC and Motivated Maids Inc.

We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule a service visit.

Cancellation can be made through your Customer Dashboard on our website or by contacting us.

If we receive 48 hours’ notice there is no cancellation charge as we have time to endeavor and resell the cleaning slot. If we receive less than 48 hours’ notice we will charge the following cancellation fees:

48 Hours’ Notice

Regular Recurring Maintenance Cleaning = 50% of the booking estimate
One-Time Deep or Move In/Our Cleaning = 78% of the booking estimate

Same Day Notice

100% of the booking estimate

We reserve the right to cancel a booking and the Customer agrees that we are not liable for any losses that the Customer encounters due to the booking cancellation and that Motivated Maids Inc. will not be responsible to compensate the Customer in any way.

Storm Policy

Due to the heavily scheduled nature of our industry and the difficulty in rescheduling missed cleans we are not quick to cancel and will always endeavor to get our cleaning jobs completed if it is safe to do so.

Please note that we do not close when schools are closed for weather so regular cancellation policies are the same during school closures. We are happy to clean with your family home.

If the PHC feels that road conditions are unsafe then they reserve the right to cancel the booking. If this happens, we will notify you by email of the cancellation.

Clients are asked to clear a spot for us to park, to clear the walkway to the home, the steps of the home leading into the home and to salt/sand the driveway, walk and steps so that the surface is safe and not slippery. If this is not done then we will notify you and he lock-out policy will then apply so that you can endeavor to rectify this before the lock-out policy time of 2.5-hour elapses. If the roads are in a condition that the PHC has no where to park and wait then the same day cancellation policy will apply.


If we are locked-out of the home we will call the number provided to notify the Customer and if the Customer does not answer we’ll leave a voicemail plus send an email to notify the Customer of the lock-out.

Our PHC will remain at the property for 30 minutes past the scheduled start time after which time s/he will remain within 10 minutes of the home for a total of 2.5 hours from the scheduled booking start time.

If the Customer does not provide entry to the home within 2.5 hours of the scheduled booking start time then the same day cancellation policy will apply and 100% of the booking estimate will be charged.

If entry is gained within the time limit the PHC will clean until his/her availability expires.

The PHC will only begin a room if s/he feels that s/he can fully and successful complete the purchased checklist for that room before his or her availability runs out.

Our guarantee will only apply to rooms that were fully and successfully completed.

Billable hours will begin for the booking the time the PHC arrived and not when they gain entry to the home.

Customer Presence

The Customer’s presence is not required. 

Please note that we are unable to perform a clean while there are people in bed or sleeping. If this happens the PHC will leave the home, go to their vehicle and notify the Company and we’ll then call the number provided to notify the Customer and if the Customer does not answer we’ll leave a voicemail plus send an email to notify the Customer.  If the situation is rectified within 30 minutes then the PHC will resume cleaning and the 30 minutes will be considered billable time.  If it is not rectified then the clean will be cancelled, the same day cancellation fee will apply and 100% of the booking estimate will be charged. 

For safety and other reasons no other person can be in a room while our PHC cleans it.

Excess Clutter

We specialize in providing cleaning services only and do not provide organizing or decluttering services.
Desks that have large amounts of paperwork are unable to be cleaned.  Our PHC is not permitted to pick up toys, clothes and other household items and will endeavor to clean around them.  We reserve the right to use our judgment and skip over excessively cluttered areas.  The entire normal fee is payable regardless of whether an area is skipped due to excess clutter.

Motivated Clean Guarantee

Our guarantee states:

If you’re ever dissatisfied with the quality of your clean we’ll happily re-clean the area or items… no hassle… no additional charge! *

*Restrictions apply

There is a time limit to let us know that you were dissatisfied of 48 hours from the scheduled start time of the booking, after which time the guarantee does not apply.

Once you notify us that you were not satisfied, we’ll send you an e-mail letting you know that you can enact our guarantee by replying to the email.

We will then call the Customer to find out what tasks from the purchased checklist were missed or not cleaned to satisfaction in the rooms that our PHC were able to fully and successfully clean before his/her availability ran out.  

We will then dispatch the PHC who did the clean to return and perform the tasks.  If the original PHC does not have any availability to return then we reseve the right to send a different PHC based on our availability and at our discretion.  

The Customer must make the home available to do the guarantee tasks based on our availability.  

Note that the guarantee only applies to rooms that the PHC was able to fully and successfully complete and not any rooms that were left uncleaned due to the room not being made available to the PHC when s/he was ready to clean it or due to a room not being started as there was not enough availability remaining to fully and successfully complete the full cleaning package in the area. 

Pet Policy

We love pets but they do not always love us. If your pet tends to show aggression, is over friendly, is an escape risk, is liable to bite, scratch, intimidate or slow down the work of the PHC then you agree to notify us in advance and ensure your pet is secure away from the maid during the clean. For health, safety and sanitary reasons the PHC is not permitted to clean flea infested homes or clean pet urine, excrement or litter. If a home is discovered to be flea infested then the clean will be cancelled and the same day cancellation fee applies with 100% of the booking estimate being charged. As well, you will be charged the cost of cleaning or replacement of any equipment that may have become infested as we cannot risk transferring infestation to other homes.

Multiple Clean Situations

Some items may take more than one cleaning to look their best. For example, some tubs and shower stalls have a buildup that may take several cleanings to bring back to normal. In this circumstance, we will only spend the normal amount of time on said items so that the rest of the home can be cleaned. Usually, after several visits the item will become fully restored unless there is permanent damage.

Photos & Videos

Motivated Brands Inc. reserves the right to take and store photographs and videos of the service areas and the work completed, both pre – and post – service. Images and recordings may be used for various purposes, including but not limited to, documenting the condition of service areas, safeguarding against damage claims and verifying service completion. Any use for promotional purposes will require customer consent in writing.

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